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Trump the Disrupter
And that's a good thing.
By Lawrence Kudlow, May 18, 2016

Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the GOP House leadership member from Washington state, finally uttered the words I've been waiting to hear with respect to Donald Trump's march on the nation's capital. In an NBC News interview with my pal Luke Russert, she said that Trump is a "disrupter," and we have to learn that that's a good thing.

Perhaps because she's from Washington state, home to so many fabulous tech companies that disrupted the economy (Microsoft in its heyday, the all-powerful Amazon, and a laundry list that's too long for this column), she may understand the phenomenon more than anyone else in the GOP leadership.

New tech explosions create winners and losers, but overall are remarkably positive for the country, middle-class folks, the economy, jobs, and wages. The trouble is, we haven't seen many disruptive tech breakthroughs lately. And maybe that's one reason why the economy is so sluggish.

But hats off to McMorris Rodgers for being the first member of the Republican leadership to understand...

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