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Will Anyone Ever Defend Banks?
Bank-bashing didn't work in Britain, and it may not work here in 2016.
By Lawrence Kudlow, May 20, 2015

One of the interesting nuggets coming out of the conservative sweep in the British elections was the failure of bank-bashing by the Labour party. Labour leader Miliband, who has since resigned, was anti-bank, anti-rich, and anti-business. It failed. And while conservative leader David Cameron didn't necessarily defend banks, he didn't attack them either.

Now, the case for Tory economic management wasn't bad. The London Stock Exchange has been hot as a pistol. And the British economy is growing about 2.5 to 3 percent. Not great, not awful. It was enough for a handsome Tory victory. And it may be a message to British pundits that tax-the-rich, redistributionist, bank-bashing talk is old hat. Been there. Won't work.

But the question is, how will bank-bashing do in the U.S. election next year?...

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